John T. Schirripa

John T. Schirripa, Chief Commercial Officer

John Schirripa joined MVB in 2010 and currently serves as Chief Commercial Officer. Schirripa oversees
the Commercial Lending banking area. He chairs the Management Loan Committee and is a member of
the Management Loan Review Committee. Schirripa is also a board member of the MVB Community
Development Corporation.

Schirripa has over 35 years of experience in commercial banking including being a former Market
President/Senior Vice President of Huntington National Bank and Vice President and Relationship
Manager with Chase Bank. He has overseen the development of industry leading loan administration,
analysis and monitoring practices.

Schirripa obtained a B.S. degree in Finance from Fairmont State University where he has served as a
member of the Board of Governors and Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Finance Committee. A
resident of Bridgeport, West Virginia, he has served on a number of community boards including United
Health Foundation, the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce and the Mon-Marion Hospital.