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Period Ended9/30/201412/31/201312/31/201212/31/201112/31/2010
Balance Sheet ($000) 
Total Assets1,086,814987,060726,769533,481414,267
Total Net Loans807,178706,556527,896377,924293,405
Total Deposits846,321695,811486,519390,545300,434
Equity Attributable to Parent Company110,65794,02267,54947,73230,769
Total Equity110,65794,02267,54947,73230,769
Profitability (%) 
Net Income ($000)2,6644,0204,1682,7022,237
Net Income Attributable to Parent ($000)2,6644,0204,1682,7022,237
Core ROAA0.340.440.640.460.56
Core ROAE3.414.487.515.377.81
Net Interest Margin2.892.923.113.152.92
Reported: Net Interest Margin2.912.943.123.172.94
Efficiency Ratio86.9786.7667.2072.3669.54
Noninterest Inc / Operating Rev49.4557.2329.1016.8317.57
Balance Sheet Ratios/ Capital (%) 
Loans / Deposits90.1589.4491.7695.7297.87
Securities / Assets12.1217.1616.1721.5417.16
Total Equity / Total Assets10.189.539.298.957.43
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets8.697.867.048.797.22
Tang Common Equity / Tang Assets7.166.995.847.197.22
Tier 1 Common Capital Ratio10.01NANANANA
Tier 1 Ratio12.5912.1311.4013.9011.00
Risk-based Capital Ratio17.2112.8912.3014.8011.90
Leverage Ratio9.248.848.408.907.30
Asset Quality (%) 
NPAs / Assets0.840.570.460.630.64
NPA Excl Restructured / Assets0.260.080.460.540.64
NPAs & 90+ PD / Assets1.010.620.500.650.77
NPAs / Loans & REO1.130.790.630.890.89
Nonaccrual & 90+ & OREO / Assets0.430.120.500.550.77
NPAs & 90+ PD / Loans & REO1.350.850.690.911.08
NPA & Loans 90+ / Tangible Common Equity + LLR13.278.378.058.359.88
NCOs / Avg Loans0.130.250.410.350.33
Loan Loss Reserves / Gross Loans0.780.690.770.800.84
Reserves / NPAs69.4887.72122.3389.9394.18
Loan Loss Provision / NCO287.29161.31158.28149.05127.46
Per Share Information ($) 
Common Shares Outstanding (actual) 8,032,3627,603,7405,763,6484,367,3803,861,380
Avg Diluted Shares (actual) 8,077,8956,939,0284,509,2344,388,8203,576,944
Basic Book Value per Share11.7411.2510.258.987.97
As-reported Book Value per Share11.6511.10NA8.997.76
Basic Tangible Book Value per Share9.538.917.198.777.73
Reported: Tangible Book Value9.53NANANANA
Common Dividends Declared per Share0.
EPS after Extra0.310.570.900.610.63
EPS after Extra Growth (%)(37.4)(36.3)47.90(3.2)60.30
Core EPS0.300.500.800.480.61
Core EPS Growth (%)(29.6)(38.1)66.30(21.0)33.10
Diluted EPS before Amortization0.310.570.900.610.63
Pre-Provision Earnings per Share0.410.601.120.670.73
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